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ReShip is a website that fills a major shipping need. ReShip provides a package forwarding service for consumers who buy online from US merchants and live outside of the United States.

The website was created primarily to provide a convenient, reasonably priced method of shipping goods from the US to other countries as this may be a difficult and timely process. Many US retailers do not ship outside of the country. Yes, US-based residents are eligible for the service as well. ReShip promotes itself on the website as providing an easy process and high-quality customer service.

ReShip headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon. Oregon is the chosen location, according to the website, as this state does not have a sales tax on goods. Savings result for the consumer. The website originated in February of 2005.

There are six easy steps to use the website:

  • Register - Sign up with ReShip using the online form
  • Shop - Shop online 
  • Verify - See below paragraph
  • Add - After the order is placed at an online merchant, enter the order information into personal ReShip account
  • Ship - Choose a shipping carrier for the order
  • Relax, Receive, Repeat - When purchased product is received at the ReShip warehouse, the user is sent a confirmation email.

"Verify" is a one-time step to activate the user's ReShip account. A dollar amount between $0.01-$0.99 USD is deposited into a user's bank account after registration. The user then enters the matching amount onto the Verification Page on to activate his or her personal account.

Upon sign-up, users are given a US-based address, usually one located in Oregon. When a purchase is made at a US online retailer, the customer then signs into the Account manager on ReShip and enters order information. Confirmation emails are sent when products reach the Oregon warehouse and when they are then shipped to the intended address.

The consumer chooses which shipping carrier to use:

Package restrictions vary according to the type of carrier chosen. Weight limits, max length, and girth measurements of packages fully outlined by ReShip. The chosen shipping company is responsible for damaged and lost packages, rather than ReShip.

The shipping service is available to several countries as long as the online merchant is US-based. ReShip reserves the right to refuse any order made. For example, if a consumer tried to ship illegal substances, ReShip would refuse the order.

Within each user's account on ReShip is a personal Account Manager. The Account Manager shows the customer's list of orders, what products are currently at the warehouse, and what products have been shipped from ReShip. Customers can also change payment and address details through this section of the website.

The ReShip homepage features several quick links to large US retail websites from which to shop:

The annual revenue for ReShip is $1,207 USD and the estimated value of the company is $8,446 USD, according to the StuffGate website ( ReShip has a large consumer base!

ReShip: What makes it different?

ReShip stands out from its competitors as unique in many ways:

ReShip vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ReShip)

ReShip is not alone in the online shipping market, facing competition from GAL International Shippers and VIAddress.

Both ReShip and GAL International Shippers forward packages from the United States to other countries. The companies, however, had substantial differences that create a pro and con comparison between the two for consumers.

The advantages for consumers who choose ReShip over GAL International Shippers include:

  • No sales tax. The ReShip warehouse is in Oregon, a state which has no sales tax, and GAL International Shippers is located in Pennsylvania, a state which does have the tax.
  • ReShip offers consumers unlimited use monthly of the service for a $30 USD fee. GAL International Shippers charge on a per-package basis.
  • The "query" section of the GAL International Shippers website is listed as "temporarily unavailable". The ReShip website is far more extensive with colorful images, easy-to-navigate tools, and many links.

Disadvantages for consumers who select ReShip services than GAL International Shippers are:

  • GAL International Shippers provide Ocean Freight or movement of cargo on a water vessel. This method works particularly well for large items like automobiles and heavy industrial equipment. ReShip does not handle packages weighing more than the UPS, USPS, and FedEX shipping limits, which are generally less than 200 lbs.
  • GAL International Shippers has a second office in Nigeria, providing overseas agents that may help facilitate packages shipped to that area. ReShip has its office based in the United States only.
  • ReShip services apply to US-based online retailers only; GAL International Shippers also transfer products from France and England, in addition to the US. The consumer base has a larger radius under GAL International Shippers.

ReShip and VIAddress both use UPS and FedEx to courier packages that consumers purchase from US retailers to other countries. There are differences between the two websites that make for an interesting Pros and Cons discussion for customers.

Three pros, or advantages, of selecting ReShip rather than VIAddress are:

  • ReShip prides its company on great customer service. The Complaints Board website features one person's negative experience with VIAddress customer service:

"they have not response for my e-mail or re-ship the item...
VIAddress service should not be used due to their un-reasonable Service."

-  Saudi shoper, Complaints Board website,

  • ReShip orders take between 1-7 days, depending on type of shipping used; various consumer-written reviews online for VIAddress indicate slower delivery times, between 1-3 months.
  • ReShip offers gift wrapping services, enabling the consumer to choose a personalized option for the product purchased. VIAddress does not offer this option.

Three cons, or disadvantages, of selecting ReShip instead of VIAddress are:

  • ReShip charges new members $5 USD to create an account, while VIAddress offers free registration. 
  • Consumers enjoy free consolidation using VIAddress, while ReShip users pay $7 USD per consolidation.
  • ReShip stores packages free for 60 days, while VIAddress stores items free for 90 days. There is a longer time allowance using VIAddress.
ReShip: Pricing & packages

ReShip users are charged a one-time sign-up fee of $5 USD. The verification amount returned to the user's bank account (up to $0.99 USD) is the refund amount off the $5 fee.

A ReShip membership can also be purchased. Package handling is $30 USD a month for unlimited shipments or $5 USD per package. For consumers who regularly use the website, the monthly charge is a great price.

Storage is free for 60 days, with a fee of $1 USD per day after that, to a maximum period of 90 days.

Extra ReShip services have additional costs:

These rates include shipping and handling fees.

Customs fees are additional and are covered by the consumer rather than by ReShip. Tax and duty costs vary by country.

Prices can be further reduced using free coupon codes found on websites such as Enter the codes at time of electronic checkout. The ReShip Facebook and Twitter pages also offer web-only deals and highlight current sales offered by US online retailers.

ReShip: Product images & screenshots
ReShip Coupons
ReShip: Customer reviews & comments

Consumer feedback around the Web for ReShip is largely positive.

One consumer who lives in Canada explains her positive experience with ReShip:

"I used over the holiday season for a gift for my husband which i could only get from a USA site. But i live in Canada. So i found out about this site and it was great! I got my husbands gift sent to my house via I highly recommend this site if you shop online a lot and do not live in the states!"

-DiamondLucy, RedFlagDeals website,

Another consumer explains that while ReShip is not the fastest process, she likes the low cost and secure packaging provided:

"It takes over almost 2 weeks to get my pet medications but packaging is secured and the price is so low and medications are really effective even the generic products. So happy I was introduced to this site, i can now afford to buy my pet's medication and save a bundle as well."

-Rosie Cruz, ComplimentWorld website,

ReShip is also recommended on the ComplimentWorld website. Maggi33, for example, praises ReShip for its low prices:

"I’ve just received my first shipment from and am very glad with how things went. Great prices, and very fast shipping. Recommended to all!"

-Maggi33, ComplimentWorld website,

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Comments (13)

Makes me wonder if UShip and ReShip are under the same company! (UShip is the service used on the show "Shipping Wars"). Great post! A wonderfully complete coverage of a useful service for Americans looking to fulfill their shipping needs.

An expert's review. well done Christy

As a technical writer with 18 years experience I can tell you that this is a wonderfully written user guide for using ReShip! Great job, Christy!

Good review. Voted up.

Ranked #2 in

Marc, your compliment humbles me. Your opinion means so much to me. Paulose and Abdel-moniem, I thank you for your nice comments and votes!

Another great review.

Ranked #2 in

Thank-you Martin.

I'm first in reship. I live in Japan n I want buy product from USA via reship and my answer: it is surely can use reship buy product n ship to Japan 100%.? Can I believe it?

Thanks for the info. My brother had to get a new <a href=\"\">furnace</a>. He was in Calgary so without it, it\'s freezing. Luckily, he found this really awesome company that helped him so that he didn\'t freeze until they were able to replace it.


I am from the UK but am working in the UAE, I like sport and in  particular running, so time came when I needed a new pair of trainers (sneakers!) and the best deal I found was on a US website. Usually I have many friends come back and forth so they bring anything I need with them but on this occasion I could not wait plus wanted to try a reshipping service for future reference.

I purchased the sneakers in Jan \'13 and went through the process of setting up an account with Reship, I paid nearly $60 for 7-10 days delivery but it took Reship over 3 weeks to even post the sneakers out. Weeks past by and no sneakers, I contacted Reship several times who advised to wait until end of March 7-10 days = 3+ months to Reship btw. Ohh and I forgot to say the online tracking process does not work although they provide a tracking number. Anyway Reship advised that the elusive sneakers had been registered as arrived with USPS and to contact the local post office. The telephone number they provided did not work and I had to travel an hour across the Dubai traffic only to be advised that the sneakers had been sent back to the US with no explanation given.

I contacted Reship again and they advised that they are unaware the sneakers had been returned, anyway the sneakers arrived back at Reship and I advised Reship should take this up with USPS as they had failed to deliver the package. I had no response from Reship on this instead they looked to make every excuse under the sun to make out it was my fault. They advised my order was registered in my online account again and to login and pay another $60 to have it delivered again. I rebuffed this and since then Reship has not responded to 4 emails I have sent them and you cannot reach them by phone.

So in summary Reship seems to be a bag of a cigarette box company who is only too happy to take your money but has no customer service, stay away if I were you.

Anyway I parted with the money as they have my goods and I dont have much choice, if you have any suggestions on what Trading Standards Agency or similar I can take this up with I would be grateful. 

RegardsSneaker Boy

I have for about 1.5 years now and never had a problem with them.  Living in Canada we tend to pay almost double for clothing and shoes.  With my address in Portland it also saved me on any taxes that I paid. 

Nothing but good things to say about for me.


Hi, Christy would you share the link from the REFER TO A FRIEND PROGRAM please :D  thank you!!!

Hi, I used Reship and in the main have no complaints. However one of my parcels turned up broken and I have been trying and trying to get in contact with them. I haven't had any response to filling out the Contact Us form on their page and because I am from New Zealand, the 1800 number won't work. Does anyone have a number I can contact them with (ie not freecalling?) I am concerned the insurance claim will be invalid due to the length of time.
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